How It Works

First, tell us about your website and business

You start by inputting your website, your type of business, the geographical areas you target, plus a few other details.

You verify that you are able to edit the website (very easy step). You can only use our service for websites you have editing control for - via CMS or FTP.

Once the steps above are completed, we check your website for any technical issues that may be causing immediate problems, or may cause them in the future.

Any sitewide issues detected will be described precisely and what's needed to fix them.

This is a preliminary website audit to flag any important issues that you should address first.

Next, we move on to the website pages

We present you with a list of the pages deemed to be the most important to acquire business.

You can choose to discard any of them if you don't want to concentrate on them initially.

You can add any pages you want to target, even if our system did not list them initially.

We recommend you start with no more than 10-20 pages. But, this is up to you.

The home page and pages that describe your services and areas covered are the ideal pages for this initial step - these are the pages that will generate leads and inquiries.

We don't recommend pages like contact page, off-topic blog posts, terms of service, privacy, etc. These are not the pages you should be concentrating your SEO efforts on.

Each target page will be analyzed and an SEO action plan will be recommended for each one.

You can add more pages as you progress.

It's all done step-by-step to keep things easy and not to overwhelm you.


Our innovative system will:

  • Analyze your website pages and recommend beneficial SEO actions.
  • Help you stick to tasks with an easy-to-follow dashboard and text/email reminders.
  • Explain everything in easy-to-understand language - no industry jargon used.
  • Keep track of all actions and changes implemented over time, per page and site wide (SEO monitoring).
  • Prompt you to log all actions taken - very important for future analysis.
  • Keep track of your rankings over time.
  • Keep track of off-site SEO like link building and citations.
  • Give explanations for all recommended actions and issues found.
  • Keep copies of your pages for future reference.
  • Monitor your website daily for outages.
  • Monitor your website's backlinks.

Specific Industry Keywords and More

We have a proprietary database with thousands of industry-specific search keywords and terms that you will have access to.

These keywords and key phrases will give you plenty of targeting and content ideas.

Nothing like targeting terms your competitors aren't targeting yet.

We also provide you with a list of synonyms and supporting words that are often used in searches for your services and products.

These are words that people often forget to include in their copy, but have a huge importance in ranking.

When we analyze your target pages we look for those words, and will alert you if they are not present.

We've done the hard work of keyword research for you.

We can go on and on listing features, but there's nothing like trying it for yourself.

No credit card needed